Antoinette GreenOliph

Antoinette was born on the island of Tobago and as far back as she can remember she read recipe books for recreation. Food was definitely her first love.

Grown from a food-loving family

“Knowing where we come from, looking up to and respecting those that were patient enough with us, those that took time to teach, watch and mold us. My gratitude is unending.

These were our grounding. Miloh and Tantan are my grandparents on my mother’s side. They lived in a typical Tobagonian court yard alongside some of their children’s family homes. Miloh tended a beautiful garden where much of our food was grown. Tantan’s pure nice food has offered comfort and inspiration my whole life. Among their 16 children, my mother Ruby and Tanty Florence have been some of the most indelible influences in my life and in cooking..

The next generation, my beautiful grown-up children Lyndie and Michael, has supported long time this food love passion. 

In March 2021, Antoinette took in new investors for Antoinette's Restaurant - Chef JimC and Rey - while she is staying on in the role of chef consultant. Welcome again Whitehorse! It's Lime o' Clock Again!

A Little About Antoinette